Инжиниринг1 Our engineering services include:

  • analysis of the customer’s production (evaluation of existing equipment, its quantity and performance);
  • analysis of the products;
  • analysis of design documentation (detail drawings and specifications).

 According to the results of the analysis performed, we compile a list of recommended actions for restoration, modernization and technical re-equipment of the enterprise or, depending on the customer’s capabilities and objectives, we determine the optimal method of using existing equipment, and propose a set of technological and regulatory decisions. Customers receive a complete set of technical documentation containing:

  • analysis and description of each of the drawings with determination of processing sequence and description of performed processing operations;
  • selection of tooling and cutting tools;
  • determination of cutting conditions;
  • calculation of machine time required to perform each processing operation and fabrication as a whole.
 Customers are provided with full information on the required investment volume. Further, taking into account the timing and financial capacity of the enterprise we propose the specification for the supply of tools and equipment, and proceed to signing all the necessary contracts.
 The launching of the supplied cutting tools is carried out jointly with the specialists of Siberia Engineering LLC. We provide training of customer’s technologists, programmers, operators and other personnel.