Инструмент1Siberia Engineering LLC  provides a comprehensive approach to the selection and delivery of cutting tools and tooling equipment of the leading manufacturers. We successfully meet the challenges of standard tool delivery and manufacturing of special tools according to customer drawings, or developing of special tools for specific tasks of production. Based on the analysis of the customer’s technological processes, we offer solutions for the selection of tooling equipment, instrumentation, the balancing and shrink equipment units.

Our advantages are:

  • Wide variety and the highest quality products;
  • The best quality-to-price ratio;
  • Integrated approach: we offer technological solutions and their implementation;
  • Professionalism and quality spindle repair with the fastest turnaround time;
  • Timely deliveries of stable quality tools to the customers;
  • High delivery speed: starting from 1 day.

Concerning the selection of equipment and tools, you can contact our specialists via telephones: (383) 285-48-15, 8-913-002-4568