Spindles and spindle units repair

Шпиндели новый1001Siberia Engineering LLC specializes in the repair of all brands of high-speed spindles. Regardless of type or model of customer’s spindle unit – a belt-driven or electric, for wood, composite materials, plastics or metals processing – we can repair it. Our company provides spindle repair and service of spindles to suit your needs promptly and professionally and offers:

  • Free inspection and assessment of the spindle assembly at our facility;
  • Full diagnostics with an expert report on the cause of its failure;
  • Standard overhaul and post-repair tests within 7 working days;
  • The guarantee conditions for the overhaul corresponding to the spindle unit manufacturer’s warranty.
 The recovery process of spindle unit begins immediately after its delivery at our facility, where it will be promptly disassembled, inspected and evaluated free of charge. Our experts analyze each block thoroughly, paying particular attention to the signs of contamination, lack of lubricating fluids, misuse, or other signs of damage. After our examination and evaluation of spindle assembly, we provide a detailed report for customer’s consideration accompanied by the request to continue the recovery process
 After the approval, we begin the repair procedure, which consists of the final dismantling, restoration / replacement of components, assembly, balancing and testing of spindle unit. The quality control is essential at each stage of the repair process that is performed using the advanced repair equipment. During repair, each spindle unit is tested to verify the speed, vibration, temperature and critical beats. All basic operating parameters are monitored to ensure that the spindle has reached the operating parameters of the new product. According to the results of control tests, we provide a detailed report, which reflects all the characteristics of the resulting restored spindle unit.
 Strict quality control standards are necessarily maintained during delivery. If there is a need of painting spindle assembly in the appropriate color, we apply paint of suitable quality. Spindles are wrapped in moisture-proof material and securely fixed in the delivery process. High-strength boxes with logo are used for extra protection during the return shipment of the spindle. We are always glad to provide technical support to all our clients. You can contact our specialist to make request for the repair. For technical support, contact us via telephone (383) 285-48-15, 8-913-002-4568 or use the form below to report, our specialist will contact you:



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